Entry #10

Elementary School Achievements

2012-07-06 22:29:00 by Pocky88

Something I thought of while I watched Foamy's achievement rant for the 5th time. Beware....some of these are lame as hell.

Impenetrable Fortress: Erect and sustain a headquarters for you and your accomplices made of ice and snow.
Cool Kid: Successfully purchase any item of cold diary goodness from a passing ice cream truck.
Sole Survivor: Be the last kid standing in a game of dodge ball.
PB&J: Successfully trade lunches with an accomplice of your choice.
Einstein Jr.: Correct an error that the professor has made.
Identity Crisis: Swap names with an accomplice of your choice when a substitute teacher is present.
First Mud: Slip into a mud pile and get covered with brown earthy sludge.
I'm Lovin' It: Have McDonalds for lunch.
Above C Level: Receive a report card with all subjects surpassing a "C" grade.
Rescue Hero: Retrieve a basketball that is lodged between the wall and the net using another basketball.
Vanilla Boulder: Roll a giant snowball that surpasses 60 cm in diameter.
Smuggler: Sneak Yu-gi-oh! Cards and/or Beyblades into school property after they are banned.
Drastic Makeover: Draw over a face in a photo that appears in your textbook.
Pinocchio: Use the excuse, "I left it at home." and have the teacher believe you.
Smitten for Mittens: Retain the same pair of mittens throughout an entire winter without losing either of them.
Secret Crush: Send a Valentine card to the fine gentleman/lady that you hold admiration for.
Detour: Alternately exit a bathroom stall by crawling through the gap near the bottom of the door.
Leap of Faith: Get off the swings by jumping off the seat while it is at its highest peak without sustaining major injuries.
Graffiti Artist: Write or draw on a pencil case that belongs to someone else.
Daredevil: Accept and successfully complete a double doggy dare that an accomplice offers.
What's So Funny?: Chuckle disdainfully at an accomplice's utterance of the word, "Duty."
Helping Hand: Inherit an already highlighted textbook that contains additional hints written on the side.
Pickle Toes: Be forced to walk around in stalking feet for forgetting to bring your indoor shoes.
Close Call: Be the second last person to declare, "Not it!" before a round of Tag.


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2012-11-30 01:29:28

It's a good basis for a rpg type game. Really worth writing a script around!

How ya been?


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