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Hello there :D One day, when I don't feel like a lazy bastard, I will make something brillaint and it will become the next hit on NG...you just wait....

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Something I thought of while I watched Foamy's achievement rant for the 5th time. Beware....some of these are lame as hell.

Impenetrable Fortress: Erect and sustain a headquarters for you and your accomplices made of ice and snow.
Cool Kid: Successfully purchase any item of cold diary goodness from a passing ice cream truck.
Sole Survivor: Be the last kid standing in a game of dodge ball.
PB&J: Successfully trade lunches with an accomplice of your choice.
Einstein Jr.: Correct an error that the professor has made.
Identity Crisis: Swap names with an accomplice of your choice when a substitute teacher is present.
First Mud: Slip into a mud pile and get covered with brown earthy sludge.
I'm Lovin' It: Have McDonalds for lunch.
Above C Level: Receive a report card with all subjects surpassing a "C" grade.
Rescue Hero: Retrieve a basketball that is lodged between the wall and the net using another basketball.
Vanilla Boulder: Roll a giant snowball that surpasses 60 cm in diameter.
Smuggler: Sneak Yu-gi-oh! Cards and/or Beyblades into school property after they are banned.
Drastic Makeover: Draw over a face in a photo that appears in your textbook.
Pinocchio: Use the excuse, "I left it at home." and have the teacher believe you.
Smitten for Mittens: Retain the same pair of mittens throughout an entire winter without losing either of them.
Secret Crush: Send a Valentine card to the fine gentleman/lady that you hold admiration for.
Detour: Alternately exit a bathroom stall by crawling through the gap near the bottom of the door.
Leap of Faith: Get off the swings by jumping off the seat while it is at its highest peak without sustaining major injuries.
Graffiti Artist: Write or draw on a pencil case that belongs to someone else.
Daredevil: Accept and successfully complete a double doggy dare that an accomplice offers.
What's So Funny?: Chuckle disdainfully at an accomplice's utterance of the word, "Duty."
Helping Hand: Inherit an already highlighted textbook that contains additional hints written on the side.
Pickle Toes: Be forced to walk around in stalking feet for forgetting to bring your indoor shoes.
Close Call: Be the second last person to declare, "Not it!" before a round of Tag.


Recent Game Medals

7,910 Points

Cave 50 Points

Kill the second boss

Money well spent 25 Points

buy somethign in the shop

Master of Sins 25 Points

find and kill a miniboss

Secret room 50 Points

find it

Basement 10 Points

kill the first boss

Blacksmith 25 Points

Fully upgrade any item of equipment.

Art Appreciator 5 Points

Check out some of the art galleries.

Level 20 10 Points

Reach level 20. Getting well into the game now.

Lunchtime 5 Points

Take a break and have something to eat outside of battle.

3K Damage 5 Points

Deal 3,000 damage with a single hit

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