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This has always been my favourite series on Newgrounds since I was 12 years old. The animation was way ahead of its time and the story was well thought out. I JUST noticed that the anti cat/bunny marriage was a metaphor for homophobia. I guess I didn't pick up on it when I was a kid.

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Cute! Reminded me of this old cartoon short called "Doodlez".

Ah, so it WAS Dexter's mom! This was the first movie I watched after a 2 year break from NG and it made me laugh so hard!

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Entertained me for a few minutes

I haven't played a dress up game since I was 8, but I found this quite amusing :O


This is one of the more unique games I've encountered in awhile so thank you for bringing back the interactive buddy genre with a fresh, gory take. The art's amazing, the music's suiting and the storyline, although typical for a zombie apocalypse actually made you feel like the mad scientist. You practically told a story with voices alone, and somehow, it was still intense! The thing I don't like though, is that I'm stuck on 99%. I've tried all the objects, food and weapons and the objective sheet says that there are no more objectives so...um..what's next? I'll still give a 10 because it's probably just me. Overall, really intriguing and interesting game!

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Pretty good!

I must admit, at first, I found it insanely difficult to understand how to play. I knew that it was obviously one those "distance launching" games, but I kept getting lost out of the screen and I was like, "WTF is going one here???" But once you catch on, and control the stick man to stay within the screen, it moves forward quite quickly.
It's a decent game. I didn't spot any glitches or problems, and to people who are leaving low reviews because of the music and the memes, an hero please :D

Some critiques are that the idea is too cliche. These types of games have been done WAY too many times. I'm not saying that you can't, but at least incorporate new ideas within the old to produce a fresh product(which I guess you did with the memes, but that only serves as an appearance, the gameplay wasn't different). I also suggest a skip button whenever you die because it takes a long time to hear the voice go FUUUUUU!!! and restart.

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This song sounds totally wicked! The only thing I'd like to mention is that the sound of the drums sound kinda buzzy. But other than that, this is amazing! Keep on rocking! XP


Youre a really good guitar player! XP The only reason why im only giving a 9/10 is cuz
the song itself was a little repetitive and it didnt sound like a real song. But since this is your first submission, I think you did an awesome job! Keep rockin!

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This track is awesome! While i was listening to it, i just thought of lyrics that would match this song. Keep on rockin! XP

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This is the most intruguing picture I've ever seen! I can't get over the strange placement of anatomy combined with the grotesque, yet simultaneously beautiful art. Good job!

like it

Simple, yet cute! :) The lines are really clean.

Loopykitty responds:

Thank you :) this was just a mess about really, Tis indeed cute :D


This is just too funny.

Hello there :D One day, when I don't feel like a lazy bastard, I will make something brillaint and it will become the next hit on NG...you just wait....

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