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Hello there :D One day, when I don't feel like a lazy bastard, I will make something brillaint and it will become the next hit on NG...you just wait....

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Posted by Pocky88 - July 6th, 2012

Something I thought of while I watched Foamy's achievement rant for the 5th time. Beware....some of these are lame as hell.

Impenetrable Fortress: Erect and sustain a headquarters for you and your accomplices made of ice and snow.
Cool Kid: Successfully purchase any item of cold diary goodness from a passing ice cream truck.
Sole Survivor: Be the last kid standing in a game of dodge ball.
PB&J: Successfully trade lunches with an accomplice of your choice.
Einstein Jr.: Correct an error that the professor has made.
Identity Crisis: Swap names with an accomplice of your choice when a substitute teacher is present.
First Mud: Slip into a mud pile and get covered with brown earthy sludge.
I'm Lovin' It: Have McDonalds for lunch.
Above C Level: Receive a report card with all subjects surpassing a "C" grade.
Rescue Hero: Retrieve a basketball that is lodged between the wall and the net using another basketball.
Vanilla Boulder: Roll a giant snowball that surpasses 60 cm in diameter.
Smuggler: Sneak Yu-gi-oh! Cards and/or Beyblades into school property after they are banned.
Drastic Makeover: Draw over a face in a photo that appears in your textbook.
Pinocchio: Use the excuse, "I left it at home." and have the teacher believe you.
Smitten for Mittens: Retain the same pair of mittens throughout an entire winter without losing either of them.
Secret Crush: Send a Valentine card to the fine gentleman/lady that you hold admiration for.
Detour: Alternately exit a bathroom stall by crawling through the gap near the bottom of the door.
Leap of Faith: Get off the swings by jumping off the seat while it is at its highest peak without sustaining major injuries.
Graffiti Artist: Write or draw on a pencil case that belongs to someone else.
Daredevil: Accept and successfully complete a double doggy dare that an accomplice offers.
What's So Funny?: Chuckle disdainfully at an accomplice's utterance of the word, "Duty."
Helping Hand: Inherit an already highlighted textbook that contains additional hints written on the side.
Pickle Toes: Be forced to walk around in stalking feet for forgetting to bring your indoor shoes.
Close Call: Be the second last person to declare, "Not it!" before a round of Tag.

Posted by Pocky88 - May 18th, 2012

Wow, I leave Newgrounds for 2 months and it becomes Narnia when I come back! This is going to be hard to used to...so much ORANGE.

Posted by Pocky88 - October 23rd, 2011

Mega64 should have filmed a live Left4Dead vid here.

Toronto Zombie Walk

Posted by Pocky88 - September 24th, 2011

What is this?! I don't even....

Posted by Pocky88 - August 30th, 2010

His profile
Go to this user's page and look at his reviews. Lots and lots of abusive reviews so start marking them as abusive. It's not a trap, promise.

Posted by Pocky88 - January 31st, 2010

1) An intelligent kid is born with an overly-creative mind
2) Other kids label them as a "nerd"
3) This causes low self-esteem issues
4) Grows up as a loner all the way up to highschool
5) Spends lots of time alone inventing and talking to themselves
6) Later, develops either insanity, insomnia or both as an adult
7) Psychical appearance is deformed due the lack of sleep, hunching their back and no one telling them
about how awful they look
8) Uses all their almighty intelligence to invent super evil technology as a form of revenge for their
suffering childhood
9) Results to evil because they know that good never wins
10)Summons a desperate and weaker vessel to work as their minion to feel superior for once.


Posted by Pocky88 - September 2nd, 2009

Despite the rather angry rant I first wrote like wayyyy back when(Please ignore that), I never got to write a proper intro. So...uh..here's goes EVERYTHING...

Pseudonym=Ro.E Things I like? Comic books, drawing, the supernatural, writing like..ANYTHING, self-esteem and(it makes me sad but)I'm slowly drifting away from manga/anime D: Quite the geek, but I think I'm more of an Indie kid if you ask me. -Coughs- Well, THIS time, I'm going for a looooong, pain-staking introduction. If all this text is giving you a massive headache, then please skip down to te last tine since it IS the most important one. Okay, so what's up with the big "TheAntiConformist" thing? If you don't know what it means, then look it up you fat idiots :) So practically it means the opposite of fitting in/copying/living what's 'hot' etc etc. Here's some things Miss Ro.E DOESN'T do...Curse, tYp3 L1k3 tH15, take 200 pictures of myself, own Facebook or use slang. Why not? You should ask YOURSELF that obvious question. Okay, In real life, I'm reeaally shy so if things get awkward between a conversation, do forgive me :P I find it easier to talk to boys, I don't know why. I also have OCD and paranoia YAY!!! BUT I'm not narrow- horizoned either. My sketchbooks are full of..er..grotesque and confusing art pieces, but PLEASE don't get the wrong idea. I am NOT emo, abused, homicidal or hoping to seek revenge!(Okay, maybe the revenge part, but still!!)You just haven't seen my happy candy pictures yet ^.^ Er..what else? So, sorry for the wordy "rant". It sounded like one anyways. I'll go burn some ants with a magnifying glass now :D But remember, don't be a conformist, be ANTI!!!! And maybe, just maybe some fleshbags will realize what I'm talking about and rebuke... hopefully before the world explodes in 2012 :D Nightass!


Posted by Pocky88 - September 2nd, 2009

I'm so OVERWHELMED that Newgrounds made the almighty "Art Portal!" Now I can finally contribute something to Ng hence the a hundred and something flash reviews I wrote over the 3 years :P
Yeah, okay so my pictures aren't even that awesome yet, but WAIT. Just wait. One day, I'll get much better and submit the next internet phenomena!!!(Sarcasm...Like THAT'LL happen). No, but seriously.
Other than loving to draw and stuff, I want to portray important messages. Horrible things are happening in the world: Prostitution, instant eggs(wtf?), Youtube Poop, Fake Reality TV, girls buying cleavage bras, people killing cats D:< Well, you get the picture, I hope. Hopefully I can become an artist who speaks the truth about society. I don't even care about the THE BUCKS. Just take a look at my art submission, "We are all liars." I spent 10 hours of blood,sweat and tears into it(mostly sweat)!


Posted by Pocky88 - November 27th, 2008

Okay, so like I said before. I'm extremely tired of just drawing lifeless pictures...I want to animate them.
I just downloaded the free trial of flash and I'm going to try it out. The problem is should i buy it or not?
Well, if I don't then I'll never pursue my dream, but some people are saying that its a waste of money.
I'm not too sure. What do you think?

Posted by Pocky88 - November 25th, 2008

I'm kinda upset at myself..I've been a member at Newgrounds for over 3 years now and this is my FIRST post! Nobody is reading this anyways so might as well be honest. I want to be a flash artist! It's my dream! I need a to find a company that i can submit my comic strips to..I've been drawing them for 2 years. GAWD! (Jhonen Vasquez is my inspiration since he starting drawing in high school not knowing that he'll one day become famous) No more dreaming god dammit-gotta wake up and fulfill my dreams! I have a lot to say about screwed up society and highschool. I usually don't say anything, but when i do, say it loud and proud! Like really though, if you have nothing nice to say, DON'T SAY IT. If you do. SHOUT it. Call me the biggest weirdo ever, but i don't really care about what you think. In fact, i dont care at all. Yes, this is stubborn, but the only opinions that matter to me are the opinions of people who are important. Queen Bee has some gossip to eject out? Screw her! She's not important. And guess what? Girls listen up...I am PROUD of my body and my face. It's 100% me and there's nothing you can do about it! If you're a fatty, it keeps you warm. If you're a skinny fag, you have an advantage at buffets. Okay..... I think I've said waaaaay too much to a total stranger. Take it slow now. Deep breathe. Relax. If you think that what I just said was wack, then you live in a dream world. FACE REALITY. Girls call themselves ugly in front of other girls, and yet they take multiple facebook pics, making sexy poses that actually look slutty. Ugly huh? That's bull. Every girl secretly knows that their pretty on the inside. And if you don't then go kill yourself. Why should you live if you can't respect yourself? Huh? LAWLS...Anyways^^ Nice to meet you. We'll be good friends...Right?